73 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

#122 Tim Lloyd - MD Captains Club Hotel

From honing his skills in hotels on an employed basis, to learning the art of the restauranteur with his own venues, to taking all of that knowledge and finally getting to apply it in his very own hotel with his partner Rob, Tim has been on a great hospitality journey. And the captains club is a special kind of place.  Wether simply attracting the locals for a light lunch, or a few cocktails as the sun sets on the river, or mingling with famous guests such as Hugh Grant or the Gallagher brothers, they’ve really found a way of becoming the heart of their local community.  Tim is very humble and easy to chat to about his journey.  He makes it all sound too easy, with a detail here, and the right team member there.  But Tim and Robert have an attention for detail and a genuine love for their crazy hospitality adventure, no matter how challenging it gets.  And they’ve had their challenges, from planning permission impacting the business model leaving them just £1 million pounds short in enough money to open up.  And then having finally got the doors open wondering if they’d run out of cashflow before they could turn their dream into a success. But 14 years later they are still going strong, or at least they were until the pandemic struck.  But in typical Tim style he’s taking it in his stride and whilst nervous about the future, he and Rob are investing in the property and more than hoping, they are planning on re-opening for a busy summer.  I hope you enjoy this chat about perseverance and the meandering journey life can take sometimes, but how, if you simply take the first step, then the adventure can be pretty rewarding and exciting.
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