71 minutes | Nov 29, 2020

#116 Carly Trisk-Grove - B-Corp, OPOP & Cafe in the Park

I love Carly’s story and her energy and ethos and her general hospitality adventure.  As you will hear Carly went from a small wooden hut, to an expensive hobby, to raising 1/2 a million pounds and building a beautiful cafe in the park.  Along this journey Carly realised that people were the key to all that she was achieving.  Carly, her husband 'Ian' and their team won multiple awards for their cafe.  Particularly around employing disabled team members and looking after the local community, who treated the cafe as their own.  But, Carly is only too aware of how tough a sector hospitality can be, and eventually sold her beloved cafe to start a new life deep in Devon.  But as is too often the case, the hospitality itch kept coming back, and Carly and Ian have been busy developing a new concept OPOP.  One price, one plate, with ethics and people and shared success deep rooted in it’s DNA.  Carly has even become a B-Leader, both for her own business, but also to tell others about the opportunity becoming a B-Corp presents. I learnt a great deal talking to Carly, and really enjoyed her perspectives and positivity.  I can’t wait to continue to watch Carly's hospitality adventure unfold in her new found corner of the country.  Our conversation talks about B- Corps, Carly’s journey, values and how they evolved, eating meat, pay what you can afford, fundraising and so much more.  I’m sure you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom in here and be inspired to continue to care about the type of business you operate, or the type of business you buy from. Follow OPOP on instagram, or read about them on the website, or follow Carly on twitter
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