79 minutes | Nov 8, 2020

#113 Rocco Bova - GM Chablé Yucatán - Mexico

Rocco Bova is living quite the hospitality adventure.  I wanted to catch up with him for a few reasons.

Firstly he’s running a health resort in Mexico, a fascinating country.  Sometimes a reputation for drug cartels, kidnapping and more recently a catastrophic impact of COVID-19.  But Rocco loves Mexico, and he’s lived in enough countries to be able to make an objective decision.

Secondly, with people maybe questioning why they work in hospitality and wondering what the future might hold, Rocco demonstrates just what an exciting and varied career it can provide.  He’s worked in all the corners of the globe, really getting to know local cultures and people as he lives in, rather than travels through, so many different countries.  It’s one of the great opportunities a career in hospitality can provide.  But I wanted to chat realistically about the pros and cons.  Is a family life still possible, is managing different cultures a challenge, does he miss the comforts of a regular home life.  I won’t spoil the conversation, but safe to say Rocco absolutely LOVES hospitality and all the adventurous opportunities it has created for him.

Finally Rocco runs a wellness resort, and has some strong views on the vortex of negative thinking and what we should all be doing, both mentally and physically to maintain a positive outlook and make the most of our limited time on earth.

We also chat through some practical tips on social media management, how to make guests feel like they are staying with their mother for their vacations, how excited he is that his kids are following in his footsteps and studying hospitality and the global human values of respect love and trust and so much more.

Find out more about Chable resorts on the website or follow Rocco himself on instagram or linkedIn 

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