33 minutes | Aug 21, 2018

Prediction Markets, Decision Making, and Politics - Paul Sztorc (Part 2)

Paul is the godfather of blockchain prediction markets.

With a personal interest in prediction markets and it's effect on the future, I picked his brain some more.

Distributed decision making can change sports, investing, global warming, and politics.

If you have better information, you can profit. Listen as we go deep into something that could change the world.


2:25 - Godfather of prediction markets 4:04 - Use cases for prediction markets 5:35 - Making Government better 6:50 - More use cases 13:05 - Today's decisions 16:58 - On filtering ignorant policies 19:47 - Ideal political platforms 21:05 - Futarchy 23:22 - How to convince the public 24:41 - Oracles, decentralized 28:27 - Paul's upcoming sidechain project

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