23 minutes | Jul 9th 2020

Verbal diarrhoea, thought leadership & have we ruined LinkedIn?

We’ve all seen it. The streams of verbal diarrhoea, thought leadership and look at me now content. And most of us are guilty of it. But when everyone is scrambling for their share of ‘personal brand’ where does that leave the landscape? What happens to a channel when everyone is doing the same thing? And importantly, as with everything else, are marketers ballsing up another perfectly good channel? Introduce the topic for the episode Linkedin has been a mainstay of growth throughout the ups and downs of 2020. Those with something to say have found it relatively easy to find their community to amplify their messages in. We have talked about it a lot - the importance of creating and nurturing personal brand… But when every marketer and salesperson with a laptop or mobile phone has the same idea, how does a channel like Linkedin continue to provide value? Talking points: - Is it getting harder to grow on Linkedin with everyone doing it? - Best practice creates a snowblindness - nothing stands out anymore - People are afraid to experiment on their own back - Consistency is key, but it’s a fine line between good content and just shouting at people - What content is really working? - Humour - memes and some needed light relief - Being personal, open, raw - Mix up your mediums - Who’s doing it well?