1 minutes | Jun 8th 2020

Our voices aren't the ones that need to be heard right now

Over the last week, we have been forced to self reflect. We are both white-skinned and male. And, that has obviously benefited us throughout our lives and in our careers. The events of the last week have made us question how we can be better. Not being racist, is not enough. It’s never been enough and we want to support that in whatever small way we can. Now is not the time for people to hear our voices, but for us to help amplify the voices of the black community around us. While our intentions are good, we may not get this right. One thing we do think we can do however, is share things that have helped us. On our website, humanscomefirst.co.uk, you’ll find a link to a series of resources we’ve found useful. These will also be found in the show notes. We’ll see you next week.