28 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

Saying Goodbye to Workplace Apathy with Carson Tate

Does a fulfilling and meaningful career seem like a pipedream? Are you disengaged at work, desperately awaiting Friday and then dreading the next impending workweek? In this episode of the Transform Your Workplace podcast, Brandon Laws interviews Carson Tate, business coach and consultant, about the topic of employee disengagement. As it turns out, it is possible for us to find fulfillment at work. Listen to find out how. Takeaways: To engage at work, we must know that we are being heard and understood and that our needs are being met.  We must “get clear” about what we need from our place of work. Those who love their jobs are self-aware — they know what their strengths are, what they need from their employer, and that they have the power to ask for it.  GUEST AT A GLANCE Carson Tate, a best-selling author, consultant, and business coach, is all about helping organizations develop leaders, engage teams, and elevate performance. Her latest book, Own It, Love It, Make It Work: How to Make Any Job Your Dream Job, is just one of many avenues through which Carson “equips, empowers, and inspires” business leaders and teams. A QUICK GLIMPSE INTO OUR PODCAST 🔊 Podcast: Transform Your Workplace, Sponsored by Xenium HR 🎙️ Host: Brandon Laws 📋 In his own words: “The Transform Your Workplace podcast is your go-to source for the latest workplace trends, big ideas, and time-tested methods straight from the mouths of industry experts and respected thought-leaders.”   Contact Brandon:  Email Brandon.Laws@xeniumhr.com or connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Learn more about Xenium HR at xeniumhr.com Follow Xenium on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
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