28 minutes | Jan 19, 2021

Navigating the Work-From-Home Life with Cindy Baker

This episode contains simple strategies for finding peace and gratitude amidst the chaos of working from home. With the unexpected arrival of COVID-19, many of us were sent home to work, where we have to try to be productive despite challenges like homeschooling our kids, managing our work schedules, and navigating neverending remote work obstacles.

In this episode of the Transform Your Workplace podcast, Brandon Laws interviews Cindy Baker, a career and small business coach, about how to approach your new normal as a work-from-home employee. The author of a new self-help book, Rockin’ Life From Home, Cindy is passionate about passing on the knowledge she’s gleaned over years of working from home to the Transform Your Workplace listeners.


  • An approach of gratitude is cultivated by making choices, each and every day, to notice and appreciate the small things.
  • Being intentional about journaling and list-making can bring clarity to your thoughts and your workday.
  • Remaining flexible and being willing to pivot are critical aspects of navigating the at-home workday with success.


Cindy Baker is an expert in the fields of human behavior, mindfulness, spirituality, alternative healing, happiness, and success principles. A career and small business coach for over ten years, Cindy is passionate about helping others find lasting happiness through simple time-tested methods. Years of experience navigating remote work and family pressures has culminated in her book, Rockin’ Life From Home: Success Strategies to Balance Family Life and Working From Home.


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