40 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

Overcome Depression and Live Life Your Way | Jean-Luc Trépanier | Multipotentialite

Jean-Luc is the artsy tech guy that's good in finance and administration. He's currently an architectural drafter.Before becoming an architectural drafter, he was in the IT space for over a decade. After deciding what he wanted to do, he trained and got a professional certificate. The rest is history. Aside from being an accomplished drafter, he is also a proud father of 2 kids.His biggest challenge is depression. He sees it as a clog in the drain and is currently taking medication to clear it. He is also starting to let go of external events that caused it. The host suggested deep breathing, eating well, and replacing negative emotions/motions/states with positive ones as negativity drains and leads to depression.Connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jl3trepanier/Watch the YouTube video at https://youtu.be/_51-hURIiqk--To become happy every day and avoid depression, see our coaching services at http://hp.engineering
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