13 minutes | Jan 27, 2021

Hugo Cen - Founder & CEO - Ai Lab School

Hugo is on a mission to empower engineers with practical skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prepare them for the future -- starting in the Latin America market. Check out his company's website at https://ailabschool.comHis school's program has 3 phases. It starts with learning how to do everything, from talking to customers to coding. Followed by practical training with a real company in the AI space. Lastly, job prospecting. To stay happy and motivated, he recommends reminding yourself why you do what you do and enjoy each day. If your company is interested in partnering with him on training (free access to engineers!) or recruiting engineers, connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/hugo-cen/Watch the YouTube version at https://youtu.be/FUWqAR2ik68--To be happy and productive every day, see our life coaching services at http://hp.engineering
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