40 minutes | Feb 25, 2021

Fashion Expert Giving Back to The Community | Barjis Chohan - Chief Executive Officer | Motivational Speaker

Barjis is a fashion expert with decades of experience. She is the CEO of BARJIS -- an award winning Fashion & Lifestyle brand. She is also passionate about giving back and that's why she started The Barjis Initiative (TBI). She doesn't believe in charities as that's disempowering, hence The Barjis Initiative focuses on improving knowledge and skills, such as how to get a job, so people are empowered to take care of themselves now and in the future. There were many big accomplishments, such as building the BARJIS brand and winning fashion awards, but she enjoys the small ones as well, such as getting a thank you email from Warren Buffet.Her biggest challenge was relationship issues as she became more successful. She was able to manage that by being more empathetic to the fact that some people won't change as fast as you. Connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/barjis-chohan-2261439/Watch the YouTube video at https://youtu.be/6qc-aLWQPA0--Want to maximize your power, happiness, productivity, and prosperity? Learn how at http://hp.engineering
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