50 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

A Mother Inventor & Entrepreneur Creating a Movement of Sustainability #betterhumansbetterworld, one product at time. | Angelica White

INTRODUCTION ABOUT MYSELF I create technology for the betterment of humanity. Angelica has over 25 years of experience delivering innovative business solutions empowered by emerging technologies to various industries, including Pharmaceutical, Banking, Retail, CPG and Healthcare. She is an innovator, visionary and strategist. She holds an MBA from the Executive Program of Goizueta Business, a BS in Computer Engineering and Computer Science, and a BA in Music. She is also the Entrepreneurship Award Recipient for the Executive MBA Class of 2010. MY HERITAGEMy parents orphans and they taught me to live a life of hope, faith and resilience. “People can take everything from you in life except your integrity, what you learn and your purpose. With those you can always rebuild your life.” MY WORK ZIPPYAR – Digital marketing niche. Products directly streaming videos with consumer engagement. Applications to Pharmaceutical, CPG and Retail. Bold Living Wear – Fashion brand. We offer clever and positive wearable expressions for those living a life of distinction, courage and determination. Those motivated in simply being themselves or in changing their communities and the world for better. TIPS FOR INVENTORS AND ENTREPRENEURS 1) Start with organizing your finances and living way bellow your means 2) Your “Just an Idea” may be something very valuable 3) Know your WHY 4) Started following and learning from people who have done it. Get into a positive, supportive and forward group 5) Don’t share your idea with anyone until you’ve filed at least a provisional patent 6) Become resourceful and stretch your money, the road is way longer than you would think. 7) Don’t leave your job until you are generating revenues with your business a. Make sure it is not in conflict with your employer b. Make sure you don’t use any of your employer assets, inclusive your time at work, to conduct your business 8) Take risks, learn from mistakes and keep moving forward 9) Co-founder: most startup fail because of disagreements between founder & co-founder. If you find a good match then go for it. 10) Investment: Not all moneys are the same. You want smart money, of a person who is excited with your vision and committed with your success. 11) There are many bumps and traps along the way. Be ready to travel alone if needed, and don’t allow bitterness to steal your magic. Keep eye on your WHY and take the high road. The best response is your success 12) Sleep at least 7 hours. Take care of yourself. 13) Focus on product market fit first 14) Learn to say politely and comfortably “No, thank you” 15) Delegate as much as possible yet keep involved on what is critical to the business 16) If you have been working in your business and someone approaches you saying “interesting concept you have” or “idea is only 1% and 99% is execution”, say thank you and disengage. 17) Learn to use rejection as a fuel 18) Be you. Be authentic. 19) Fail, improve and NEVER GIVE UP 20) Live with gratitude. 21) Follow your gut feeling Visit her websites at https://www.angelicafwhite.comHer businesses at https://zippyar.com and https://BoldLivingWear.co-- Connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelicafwhite/Watch the YouTube version at https://youtu.be/56L9kLApZMALearn to be powerful, happy, productive, and prosperous every day at http://hp.engineering
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