66 minutes | Aug 22, 2017

Episode 31: Prison Loaf

This week we whet your appetite with an arresting new episode. Drew and Danny Human Guinea Pig’d Prison Loaf. It’s a meatless loaf served to punish prisoners and we take you through every step from creation, consumption, to…evacuation. We then review a movie about bad ass 80’s women in prison who have more things to worry about than the food. We hope our listeners are dog people. HGP Challenge: Prison Loaf 1-Star Movie Review: Reform School Girls Thank you for listening! Please subscribe and rate us on iTunes. You can also send us your challenge ideas by contacting us at HGPPodcast@gmail.com or through Twitter and Instagram @hgppodcast. https://hgppodcastcom.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/ep31_v1.mp3  
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