39 minutes | Nov 29, 2019

Urban Missions - The immersive adventure trail

Oscar and Olivia; co-founders of Urban Missions, join the show to talk about their immersive adventure trail. They discuss brain storming business ideas on Trello, their love for gaming and escape rooms, and the pitfalls of talking about bombs in public. 00:43 Ben recaps last week with Doggo Style 02:00 How to spell Stuart’s name 03:45 Thailand, mindfulness and meditation 06:15 Dogs 08:00 Rick and Morty 09:30 Scrabble 10:50 Things Stuart’s not good at 13:20 Super powers 14:12 What type of food would you be 16:10 Inside the actors studio 18:16 What would you want to hear god say 20:30 Biggest challenge of starting a business 22:52 The future of Shout About 23:55 Improving Mental Health 26:00 Gingerline 27:12 Favourite and least favourite guests 29:35 Room / desk and car 31:20 Shout About Social Media Mentions Gingerline Backyard Cinema Draughts On air dining Skuna Boats Ray Jones Doggo Style Flavourology Give us a Shout on #ShoutAbout Instagram:          ShoutAboutLondon Facebook:            ShoutAboutLDN Twitter:                ShoutAboutLDN Please subscribe and rate us! Want to talk about the show? Got an idea for guests? Want to promote your event? Contact us on any of the above, or: info@shoutabout.com www.shoutabout.com
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