58 minutes | Sep 27, 2019

Rory Kilmartin The Balance of Power Breakthrough Weekend

Today we welcome Rory Kilmartin, who’s body of work on ‘Relational Power Dynamics’ has been changing people’s lives for over a decade. This November his “Balance of Power Breakthrough Weekend” comes to London, for a three-day workshop, offering attendees the chance to understand how to drastically reduce the amount of fighting, arguments and breakdowns they have, with the people they care about the most. This reduction in frequency, intensity and duration, has been recorded to be up to 90%. In this thought-provoking episode, we discuss the event’s content, including the four basic survival archetypes, how we’re attracted the missing pieces of ourselves, and when a sheep should become a Gorilla. 00:38 A recap on Ed from Hire Space 01:38 A review of Variant 31 – the worlds largest live action immersive experience 05:00 When are you ready to launch an immersive experience 06:00 All Star Lanes 07:30 This week’s guest 08:45 Rory joins us on the show, starting with his background as a relationship researcher 10:20 The mystery of being more understanding with a friend than a partner 11:06 Models of relationships 12:45 The primary games of the human experience – Health, money and relationships 14:30 Power Dynamics and “giving your power away” 16:00 Putting your partner on a pedestal, an ingredient of imbalance 17:00 What Rory will be teaching at the Balance of Power 18:30 The four basic survival archetypes – The Sheep, Wolf, Fox and Gorilla 20:00 Being attracted to someone with our missing piece 25:10 When two Wolves collide 30:15 The benefit of attending the Balance of Power Breakthrough Weekend 32:55 There is no Shangri-La, becoming more skilled at handling breakdowns 37:20 Who is Rory trying to attract to the event 40:37 Date of the event November 08th 09th and 10th  42:45 London – the best city in the World 44:50 Book recommendations 47:32 King, Warrior, Magician, Lover 51:14 Where to find Rory on Social Media 52:00 A recap on the conversation and which animal are we? 54:54 Can love be a currency 55:27 This weekend in London 56:34 Thanks for this week and Social Media for Shout About You can reach the guests here  Facebook: @RoryKilmartin LinkedIn: RoryKilmartin www.RelationalPowerDynamics.com www.RoryKilmartin.com Mentions Hire Space Backyard Cinema Peter Sage Nick Bell Ambassador Hotel Upper Woburn Place Will Power – by Baumeister and Tierney James Hollis King Warrior Magician Lover – by Robert Moore, Douglas Gillette Doggo Style Give us a Shout on #ShoutAbout Instagram:          ShoutAboutLondon Facebook:            ShoutAboutLDN Twitter:                ShoutAboutLDN Instagram:           ShoutaboutStuart Please subscribe and rate us! Want to talk about the show? Got an idea for guests? Want to promote your event? Contact us on any of the above, or: info@shoutabout.com www.shoutabout.com
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