86 minutes | Nov 24, 2017

Lost in the Shuffle

The ever increasing demand for immersive entertainment has been made abundantly clear in the world of theatre these last few years.

Colab take it a step further offering ‘pervasive’ theatre productions, where ‘you, the audience’ directly affect the narrative and even the outcome of the show.

London Shuffle Club takes a 15th century game and gives it the modern day, East London, treatment. Get down to the Truman Brewery this Christmas for competition, music, pizza and a maybe even a little booze.

1:34 Review of the week 3:00 Last weeks escapades 11:23 This weeks theme 12:55 Introducing Bertie Watkins Bertie starts by taking us through his background 16:23 What is a producer 18:58 The difference between promenade , immersive and pervasive theatre 20:20 What is Colab Theatre and funding 24:50 VR in theatre 27:05 Locations for these events 28:25 Submit your ideas 29:50 Times and dates for shows at the Colab Factory 32:00 Biggest challenges 33:55 Biggest successes 36:50 Anything to announce? 38:05 Where does Bertie go out? 39:47 Colab social media pages 40:40 A recap of Bertie 43:05 Graeme Hawkins enters the studio A bit on Graeme’s background 50:10 How the Shuffle club idea came about in a bar in Brooklyn 50:55 What is Shuffle board 53:28 What is a snapback 54:15 The first Shuffle Club 55:05 Investors, tax breaks for SCIS 56:20 The second Shuffle Club during Summer 58:50 The Little Shuffle Club and the 3rd pop up this Christmas 1:02:46 Biggest challenges 1:06:38 Biggest success 1:09:05 What is Cornhole 1:10:55 Costs times and dates 1:14:07 Anything to announce 1:15:10 Where does Graeme go out 1:19:06 Social Media for Shuffle Club 1:19:25 A recap 1:20:10 The Weekly Shout 1:23:40 This weeks thank yous 1:24:54 Shout About Social Media 1:25:15 Moving to London

You can reach the guests here

Twitter:@CoLab_Theatre Instagram:@colabtheatre Facebook:@colabf Web: http://www.crimesceneimpro.com/ttp://ourvodka.com/ourlondon/

You can reach the guests here

Twitter:@ldnshuffle Instagram:@ldnshuffle Facebook:@ldnshuffle Web: http://www.crimesceneimpro.com/ttp://ourvodka.com/ourlondon/

Venues mentioned:

Talentbanq Coach and Horses Phoenix Artist Club Winter Wonderland The Botanical Boys Southbank Market Jimmy Garcia pop up The BBQ Club Colab Factory The Stag in Camden The Truman Brewery East Dulwich Tavern Franks Brilliant Neon The Yard The Cockneytivity The North Star Homerton Brewers market - Old Spitalfields Market Enter Shikari at Alexandra Palace Blax The Gentleman’s Grooming Club O’meara Escape Entertainment

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