49 minutes | Aug 23, 2019

Jimmys Pop Ups

Jimmy Garcia is often referred to as the King of Pop Ups. Whether it’s Christmas lunches in pop up domes by the river, or champagne dining on cable cars, Jimmy injects his huge personality and enthusiasm for food into everything he does. Join us on the week of his wedding to hear about how it all started, how being the face of a company can have its draw backs and what’s next for this man who doesn’t seem to stop. 00:34 Last week and London Brunch Fest 02:26 Doing the Crystal Maze 04:30 introducing Jimmy Garcia and Jimmys Pop Up 04:50 Jimmys Lodge on the Thames 06:30 Jimmy enters the studio, starting with getting married this weekend 10:40 Why Jimmy gave up his first uni course after 3 months 12:20 From working on Big Brother as a runner to working on yachts 15:30 Jimmys first pop ups 19:20 Setting up a chalet company 21:45 Jimmys super clubs 29:00 Giving people what they want 31:00 Patch and picnic 32:55 The downside of having a great photographer 35:05 Dining on the Emirates Cable Cars 35:52 Jimmys book social eats 39:35 Not being at every event 41:45 The difficulty of being the “lead singer of the band” 45:22 Jimmys social media 45:55 Recap on the interview and Mumma Mia at the O2 47:48 Shout About social media You can reach the guests here Social: JimmysPopUps Insta / Facebook / Twitter / Website Mentions The Crystal Maze Pot kettle black London Brunch Fest Jimmys Lodge Patch and Picnic More London Emirates cable car Social Eats Sky High Barbecue club at Broadgate Give us a Shout on #ShoutAbout Instagram:          ShoutAboutLondon Facebook:            ShoutAboutLDN Twitter:                ShoutAboutLDN Instagram:           ShoutaboutStuart Please subscribe and rate us! Want to talk about the show? Got an idea for guests? Want to promote your event? Contact us on any of the above, or: info@shoutabout.com www.shoutabout.com
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