37 minutes | Oct 17, 2019

Big London Bake

Eloise and Adam have taken over a small event space in Tooting Broadway and transformed it into their very own bake off. With five star reviews absolutely everywhere you look, they are ready to expand into new territories very soon. We discuss why recipes can go wrong at home, where’s the best place for a startup to go for a loan, and of course Ben natters endlessly about baking. 00:40 Recap on last weeks episode with Rory Kilmartin 01:15 Doggo Style and the money raised for All Dogs Matter 02:06 Today’s show 03:08 Adam and Eloise start by talking about life before the baking. 06:00 How the idea started at work in the BA offices 06:40 Traditional cooking schools 08:00 Hello Fresh 09:39 Getting the ingredients together 10:15 The location 11:10 Testing the menus 12:40 Getting the venue 15:25 What it was like before having staff 16:45 Why recipes go wrong at home 17:25 Quitting jobs and going all in with a business 19:42 Ratings: The biggest success so far 21:20 What drives people to the venue 23:28 Ben’s golden recipe for cookies 25:00 Set backs and difficulties; financing 28:00 Start up loans 30:40 Where do they go out when not baking 32:30 A recap on the interview 33:30 Coming up on London 35:15 Shout About Social Media You can reach the guests here  https://www.thebiglondonbake.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebiglondonbake Mentions All dogs matter Doggo Style Rory Kilmartin The castle pub - Tooting Broadway Design by night Tooting Market Flight Club Moonshine Saloon House of kittens Give us a Shout on #ShoutAbout Instagram:          ShoutAboutLondon Facebook:            ShoutAboutLDN Twitter:                ShoutAboutLDN Instagram:           ShoutaboutStuart Please subscribe and rate us! Want to talk about the show? Got an idea for guests? Want to promote your event? Contact us on any of the above, or: info@shoutabout.com www.shoutabout.com
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