39 minutes | Oct 1, 2021

How Do You Adopt a Mindset That Can Turn Every Problem Into an Opportunity with Tab Pierce

This episode is featuring Tab Pierce, the founder of multiple businesses, Tab moves an entrepreneur’s vision to reality through systematic mentorship. When his business faltered, his mindset did too, and he fell into a deep depression. Everyone he turned to for advice told him to “Shut your doors and walk away”. Over the next three years, he dedicated his time and strength to save the business and improve his personal decisions, allowing him to rebuild and strengthen his business and regain control of his mindset. Out of necessity, he developed what is called the Opportunity Pipeline, the systematic approach that allowed him to turn Caliber around quicker. Currently, he teaches people how to take their vision to something measurable. Through his personal coaching community, the “Refiners” and his book “UPSURGE: Wreckage to Triumph, Rebuilding Your Personal and Business Life”, he brings all of his experiences from overcoming his personal obstacles to help other entrepreneurs build the business and life that they see for themselves.
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