2 minutes | Feb 18, 2020

Our safety culture is nuts

One of the purposes of compulsory schooling is social uniformity. Homogeneity. From the time we’re young, we’re trained to stifle critical thought and innovation. It’s socially risky for children and adults to challenge widely held beliefs.In the name of public safety, The Peanut has become the ultimate boogeyman. For every person lost to a peanut allergy, 30,000 are lost to preventable traffic crashes.The most dangerous threat facing American children is the drive to school or soccer games, not the snacks they share.***Andy Boenau explores emerging trends that are altering How We Get Around. You’re scratching your head about electric scooters,  You wonder if bike share could work in the suburbs, You feel bad that buses aren’t used more,You have an opinion about autonomous vehicles,Your walking shoes need more wear, andYou wish you didn’t have to drive so much.Mobility freedom, equitable access, emerging technology, subscription culture, and traffic safety.We have a lot to cover.***https://twitter.com/boenauhttps://linkedin.com/in/boenau
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