4 minutes | Feb 11, 2020

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

I own hundreds of CDs and DVDs. Ever since I started earning money pushing a lawnmower, I was spending it on music and movies that I was convinced needed to be at my fingertips. Sure, I'd never be able to own every piece of audio-visual art I enjoyed, but it didn't stop me from buying.Then along came Music as a Service...and Movies as a Service. Customers were asked to pay a monthly subscription for access to a huge catalog to consume anytime, rather than purchasing each and every release.And you know what? I converted. My options were expanded to a scale I still can't comprehend.Any genre, any time. If I need to teach my kids about 90s hip-hop while traveling, no problem.I connect to shared libraries without dealing with the cost and inconvenience of personal storage space.Mobility as a Service is a new term describing alternatives to personally-owned automobiles. A MaaS subscriber pays for access to transport rather than their own vehicle, maintenance, taxes, insurance, and so on.It’s clear to me that subscription to multimodal transport is the future of urban mobility.***Andy Boenau explores emerging trends that are altering How We Get Around. You’re scratching your head about electric scooters,  You wonder if bike share could work in the suburbs, You feel bad that buses aren’t used more,You have an opinion about autonomous vehicles,Your walking shoes need more wear, andYou wish you didn’t have to drive so much.Mobility freedom, equitable access, emerging technology, subscription culture, and traffic safety.We have a lot to cover.***https://twitter.com/boenauhttps://linkedin.com/in/boenau
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