3 minutes | Feb 13, 2020

MaaS 101 / Mobility-as-a-Service

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a digital platform where you can plan a trip, choose multiple modes - like trains, bus, car, bikes, and pay for the trip. All within one platform. Three key things: plan, book, pay.You might compare Mobility-as-a-Service to Movies-as-a-Service, or as normal people might say - Netflix.Netflix is a platform where you can search for available movies, select one or more genres you want to watch, and pay for it. All in the same platform without having to jump to another app or website. Imagine if you had to deal with each and every movie studio separately. Dealing with their terms and conditions separately. Imagine some required PayPal, others required Stripe, and others required a minimum rental amount.  But that’s how it is when you and I want to access transport services. We have to deal with each production house separately. All the fleets are separate.Such a pain. A MaaS platform combines all the steps in one place to give you and me - the customer - a seamless experience. ***Andy Boenau explores emerging trends that are altering How We Get Around. You’re scratching your head about electric scooters,  You wonder if bike share could work in the suburbs, You feel bad that buses aren’t used more,You have an opinion about autonomous vehicles,Your walking shoes need more wear, andYou wish you didn’t have to drive so much.Mobility freedom, equitable access, emerging technology, subscription culture, and traffic safety.We have a lot to cover.***https://twitter.com/boenauhttps://linkedin.com/in/boenau
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