3 minutes | Feb 25, 2020

Journey from fringe to mainstream

Most of us have always lived in a car culture, so new forms of mobility are a jolt. It feels foreign to consider an environment where we aren’t burdened by personal car ownership and storage.Autonomous shuttles… self-parking mopeds… senior citizens on bicycles… these are big leaps for us, so we need some evidence that some fringe ideas can become ubiquitous.As a beacon of hope, I’m going to help you understand how developing a new transportation culture is exactly like introducing a new product to the frozen food aisle in the grocery store.***https://twitter.com/boenauhttps://linkedin.com/in/boenau***Andy Boenau explores emerging trends that are altering How We Get Around. You’re scratching your head about electric scooters,  You wonder if bike share could work in the suburbs, You feel bad that buses aren’t used more,You have an opinion about autonomous vehicles,Your walking shoes need more wear, andYou wish you didn’t have to drive so much.Mobility freedom, equitable access, emerging technology, subscription culture, and traffic safety.We have a lot to cover.
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