74 minutes | Apr 22nd 2020

40. About grief and loss, with Genevieve Deely

In September 2016, two and a half year old Penelope Grace Deely died of meningitis within 36 hours of getting sick. For Penny’s mother, Genevieve Deely, it was the greatest tragedy that could have ever occurred. Over the course of time, though, Genevieve took her grief and turned it into profound healing. To the great inspiration of all those around her - including me - Gen continuously shared her words and her voice, eventually publishing a book called “The Birth of Hope.” Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, we are experiencing an immense collective tragedy. As many human souls are exiting planet earth, I welcome Gen’s voice here on the podcast to bring us comfort, and to help us understand how to move through our grief and loss to a place of deep love. 

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