29 minutes | Jan 6th 2017

The Bible and the Catholic Church - How to Speak Catholic, Episode 0004

Welcome to "How to Speak Catholic," your podcasting source for the Joy of the Gospel through the Catholic Church.  Our goal is to share the joy of being Catholic, whether you're Catholic, or just curious about what the Catholic Church teaches, we're here to help.   In this episode, we discuss whether or not Catholics know the Bible.  How many of you Catholics feel like you don't know the Bible?  You may be surprised to discover that, as a Catholic, you know the Bible better than you think!  We start with our continuation of Scripture Memorization for Catholics, which begins with our Homework Assignment - John 1:29. We'll cover the following verses, some of which are old Homework Assignments, and others are future Homework Assignments, so get ready! Matthew 6:9 Deuteronomy 5:11 Luke 1:28 Exodus 20:12 Luke 1:42 Isaiah 6:3 Luke 2:14 John 1:29 Matthew 28:19
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