27 minutes | Mar 8th 2017

Long Island Jew Rediscovers the Passover Seder - in the Catholic Mass!, Part 1 of 2 - How to Speak Catholic, Episode 0012

Welcome to "How to Speak Catholic," your podcasting source for the Joy of the Gospel through the Catholic Church.  Our goal is to share the joy of being Catholic, whether you're Catholic, or just curious about what the Catholic Church teaches, we're here to help.     In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Myles Gart, a Jewish Catholic.  He shares his journey with us into the bosom of the Catholic Church.  Find out how celebrating the Passover Seder brought him home to the Barque of Peter.     We’ll also introduce you to the E5 Men ministry - http://www.e5men.org   We’ll also invite you to join us for our Lenten reflections on The Book of Exodus, entitled “Exodus:  Journey to Apocalypse”, to be conducted at the Sacred Heart Church in Norfolk, NE, on the 10th of March, the 24th of March, and the 7th of April.  Bring your Bible and your notebook! - http://sacredheartnorfolk.com/home   We also continue our Scripture Memorization for Catholics, which begins with our Pop Quiz – Exodus 20:12
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