125 minutes | Apr 5th 2017

Exodus - Journey toward Apocalypse, Part 2 of 3 - How to Speak Catholic, Episode 0015

Welcome to "How to Speak Catholic," your podcasting source for the Joy of the Gospel through the Catholic Church.  Our goal is to share the joy of being Catholic, whether you're Catholic, or just curious about what the Catholic Church teaches, we're here to help.     Exodus - Journey toward Apocalypse, Part 2 of 3.  This is now available on the podcast, as well as our new YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgEdy5XmRP-sFB2OABpX9gA.    Join us for Episode 15 of the podcast.  In this episode, we examine Exodus as a template for worship, the Tabernacle as a template for a church, and we also examine Typology, as found in Romans 11.  This is an audio presentation of the second of the 3-part series conducted at the Sacred Heart Church in Norfolk, NE, on the 24th of March 2017.   Also, please join us for the next episode, or better yet, the final talk of the 3-part series (if you can make it) on the 7th of April 2017, when we tackle some of the most pressing questions that Catholics have today - How should I dress for church?  How do I keep from being bored in mass?  If this stuff is so important, why haven't I ever heard it before?  Join us and find out!    Scripture References:   Romans 11 Romans 5:14 Genesis 2:15 Exodus 40:2-8 Exodus 25:18 Exodus 26:1 Exodus 25:10-22 Exodus 25:18 Hebrews 9:2-4 Psalm 78:21-25 Exodus 16:31 Exodus 3:8 Exodus 25:23-30 Exodus 25:31-40 Exodus 26:1, 31 Exodus 27:20-21 Exodus 30:1-10 Exodus 30:20-21 Exodus 24:4-7 Exodus 28:2 Exodus 28:21 John 19:23 Exodus 28:34-35 Exodus 19:15 Exodus 27:4-7 Exodus 24:8 Exodus 24:9 Exodus 40:34-38 Exodus 16 Exodus 29:10-12 Exodus 29:15-17 Exodus 29:19-21 Exodus 30:20-21 Exodus 28:33-35 Ephesians 3:10 1 Corinthians 6:3 Exodus 33:7 CCC 1185 Psalm 19 Exodus 28:29-30 Matthew 25:21
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