51 minutes | Sep 2, 2019

Episode 2: Art and Activism with Kimberly Enjoli

Today I'm talking with artist and activist Kimberly Enjoli about the intersection of art and activism, how to support activist movements beyond being out in the streets, and why art is even more necessary in a deeply troubled world.Some of the organizations discussed on this episode:NYC Shut It Down: Twitter | FacebookEquality for FlatbushPeoples Power AssembliesWhere to find Kimberly:@groundwork_zine on Twitter@sugarwaterartdept on InstagramTo support Ramsey Orta:Sign the letter of support of Ramsey Orta's release on paroleSend letters to Ramsey:Ramsey Orta 16A4200Collins Correctional FacilityMiddle Road p.o. box 340Collins, NY 14034*Must include his din # and your whole name and address on the envelope, or it may be sent back*Donate to Ramsey via PayPal at OfficialRamseyOrta@gmail.com (can also email with any questions)You can find a full transcript of today's episode at https://howtobecreative.org/?p=148
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