72 minutes | Jun 29, 2017

Shiela Eddy: The Mean Girl Murderer

To be fair Shiela Eddy isn't the only person that participated in the murder of her 16 year old friend Skylar Neese. But she is the Regina George archetype taken to its logical conclusion. She was the queen bee and when she got mildly irritated with a member of her hive she plotted and orchestrated an almost perfect crime. Her only flaw was not understanding that everybody isn't a sociopath. Her accomplice had...a lot of feelings. And these feelings caused a crime that would have never been discovered to unravel.  This episode we didn't find a good way to avoid what happened, other than locking yourself in your room and not socializing with peers for the first thirty years of your life. Which, honestly, doesn't sound that bad in retrospect. We look at the complexities and terror of teenage girls. Dave gets yelled at, a little, by Laura. "Birthday Weekends" are discussed and agreed to be grounds for justifiable homicide. And Laura wants a goat skull. All this and more on June's final episode....
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