103 minutes | Mar 28, 2017

Richard Speck: Born to Raise Heck. Other interests include rape and murder.

Richard “Dicky” Speck lived the life Forest Gump should have. In fact, he probably hated that movie. But, he hated everything except alcoholics with peg legs and trains. He managed to fail his way through life, and rightfully so. Speck was tiny, poor, angry, and an alcoholic.  Nothing he did seemed to work out and one fateful night he enveloped a house of student nurses in his black cloud. He didn’t meet any presidents, earn any medals, or travel into space (that happened in the book). Speck’s lasting contribution to this world was to inspire better safety measures on college campuses. And this podcast. Incidentally it is likely that both he and Forest Gump died from complications related to HIV. A lot of people died at his hands. And most of those people could have avoided it happening. Richard Speck shows the tragedy of trust and hopefully listening will impact you to remind yourself and everyone you love to kill tiny violent men whenever you get the chance. Also we learn that one of the hosts steals sushi. And we forget the name of the vice president. It’s a laugh riot for about thirty five minutes. By the end we had ordered several extra sets of locks for our house. It’s a slow evolution from a true crime podcast into an “arm yourselves to the teeth and never go outside without a goddam rocket launcher” podcast.
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