50 minutes | May 11, 2017

It's a Mother (shut your mouth): A Mother's Day Bonus Episode

We dive face first into a bourbon filled pool in order to celebrate Mother's day. Briefly covering some of our personal favorite murderous moms, or murdered moms, the conversation slips into how quickly somebody would take advantage of Britney Spears corpse. If you're listening Britney....Happy Mother's day!  This is our first "bonus" episode where we more or less free form through a topic, without really focusing on one person or incident.  The drink of choice was Bulleit Bourbon 10 year (small batch) with some bitters. We also stole a joke from Tony Zaret. And gave him credit. So we just sort of borrowed it, if anyone asks.  We cover Ed Kemper, Ed Gein, Lizzy Borden, Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, and more. Not much more though.   
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