97 minutes | May 7, 2017

Elliot Rodger: The involuntary celibate you love to hate.

Elliot Rodger somehow managed to be raised by a Hollywood producer in southern California and not get laid. This was a point of contention for him, as well as confusion. Despite having good parents, and every privilege one could imagine, he was unable to get it done with the ladies. So, naturally, he took to the internet for help. He found solace with creeps (even for the internet) in the involuntary celibate (Incel) community. He was off putting, filled with rage, and quite literally a pyschopath. However, he was a very strong World of Warcraft Player.    We discuss the path that led to the eventual massacre, Laura's extremely low standards, the fact that Jurassic Park may have prevented Dave from getting laid for a long time- and most importantly...it gets better nerds. Please. It gets better. You will get laid. Which may or may not be as rewarding as watching Jurassic Park. 
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