73 minutes | Jul 12, 2017

Chai Vang: A Murderer Hmong us

  In this episode we look at at the murder spree of Chai Vang and whether or not it was racially motivated- or if that even matters. Chai Vang took it upon himself to literally hunt and murder an entire hunting party in the deeps woods of Wisconsin. We provide an in depth look at the actual act is focused on, a series of depraved actions that were largely overlooked in the coverage of this case.    Dave also admits to yet another desire to kill people from his past, Laura refuses to discuss "Say Anything" with Dave ever again, and we somehow turn our lighthearted podcast about forcible violent deaths into a political discussion about race and cultures. Dave also manages to mispronounce almost every single possible thing in this episode and accuses Laura of "Stepping on his toes". It's a dark journey into murder and marriage..enjoy!
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