52 minutes | Nov 27th 2019

How to blow up a party - with Jabari Johnson (Founder at COLORS Worldwide)

My guest today is Jabari Johnson, the founder of COLORS Worldwide, a live events company that produces parties and music events across 45 cities in the United States. This is a fascinating conversation - both for Jabari’s personal story as well as for his insights on scaling a live event and filling up rooms and halls - at scale. From his earliest days when he hustled to interview stars like Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber before they became famous to how he thoughtfully considers pricing and marketing decisions for COLORS and R&B Only, Jabari’s work provides a fascinating window into how it’s absolutely possible to run top-notch fun events - at scale.


  • How Jabari’s Youtube videos got him his first job.
  • How Jabari would spread the word about his Youtube videos on his college campus, and how he made some of these videos viral.
  • How Jabari’s experiences on the road led to his first business COLORS – and what his first parties were like.
  • How Jabari filled up the room with 200-300 people by using TwitPic to build social proof for their event’s pics.
  • Why Jabari wasn’t charging money for his early events.
  • How it became evident to Jabari that these parties and events could be a scaled business – and how he learned to delegate & grow his team.

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