1 minutes | Mar 25th 2020

How Things Grow will take a break for now

How Things Grow will take a break for now. As the more perceptive of you might have noticed, a lot of our energy has recently shifted from How Things Grow to our other podcast The Mobile User Acquisition Show. While the longer form profiles that we got to do in How Things Grow were very fun and satisfying, it’s just been hard to run two shows while we run the business that pays our bills. For now, How Things Grow will take a break - and we aren't sure when we’ll be back (although of course, all past episodes will continue to stay online). 

I’m super super thankful for those of you who listened, those of you who wrote in with comments and feedback - and of course our fabulous guests. Thank you for making my first foray into podcasting fun! Of course, the party will go on - our podcast Mobile User Acquisition Show has had some very fun and fascinating episodes, and we hope you’ll come check us out on mobileuseracquisitionshow.com, on iTunes, Overcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasting fix.