62 minutes | Jan 10th 2016

How I Geek #39 - Spotlight: Dungeons & Dragons Part Deux

We said we were going to this episode and after eight months we finally got it recorded, the second part of our Dungeons & Dragons spotlight. Like the first episode this is not a super in depth look at the game, the company and what happened behind the scenes. We look at the games and its releases from 1974 through 1991 covering the first original edition of D & D, the edition of AD & D and the "basic rules'' box sets. Ambush at Sheridan Springs by Jon PetersonAlso in this episde we cover some news involving the Walking Dead and Doctor Who miniature games, the Teen Titans tv series, Michael Bay returning to Transformers 5, Pacific Rim 2, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Childhood's End, Geektrocities and more. The show is available on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher Radio. Please subscribe and leave some ratings and reviews. You can write to us at howigeek@comcast.net and you can find us on Facebook. 
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