32 minutes | Jul 16, 2019

Hygiene Poverty

One in ten girls or women aged 14 to 21 in Britain cannot afford sanitary towels or tampons, according to Plan International. Despite the serious consequences - from the impact on their dignity, to missing school and education, this issue was barely talked about only a few years ago. The good news is that now there are incredible entrepreneurs who say, “Period Poverty is a solvable issue.” We speak with Gabby Edlin and Celia Hobson from Bloody Good Period and Hey Girls, who are both making a difference to end period poverty, and the stigma associated with it.   Plus we’re joined in the studio by Joel Attar, Award Manager from UnLtd, where we discuss the pressure on social businesses to compromise their principles, especially when working with big corporates. We also talk about the practical ways to make your work for good sustainable.   For full footnotes and more information on the people we mention in the episode visit: https://www.unltd.org.uk/about-us/podcast/a-problem-like  Follow us on Twitter: @aproblemlike  Find out more about UnLtd: www.unltd.org.uk 
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