48 minutes | Jun 12th 2018

Episode 029: Ashley King on Managing Psoriasis with Food

Ashley King is a pediatric physical therapist in Austin, Texas. She has spent years figuring out how to manage her psoriasis with diet - and shares some of the specifics of that along the way. Find us at https://www.mswlounge.com Follow the podcast on Twitter @HDYHPodcast and use #HDYHPod for questions/comments/cat videos. Show notes: Purchase Slenderella® Products online now! Link to shop: https://www.mswlounge.com/store CREDITS: Hosts - Jonathan Mendoza & Baldo Garza, MSW Lounge Guest - Ashley King Podcast production - Allison Wojtowecz (Flabs to Fitness, Inc. - http://www.flabstofitness.com) Guest coordinator - Baldo Garza Intro/Outro song - Benjamin Banger