50 minutes | Sep 13, 2019

7: Updates from the Creating our Future team

We hear from each of the teams about their ideas to change the world and from the Federation on what's next for Creating our Future. Links ​For more information about Creating our Future see www.housing.org.uk/creatingourfuture For more information about Hacking Homelessness, see www.hackinghomelessness.co.uk For more information about The Good Food Bag, see www.thegoodfoodbag.com For more information about Transforming Tenure / Just One, see future.housing.org.uk/our-impact/just-one For more information about Building Better, find them on Twitter @BuildingBetterX For more information about Invisible Creations, see www.invisiblecreations.co.uk  Subscribe, rate and review us, and let us know what you think about using #HousingMatters.   Contact us website@housing.org.uk www.twitter.com/natfednews www.instagram.com/national.housing.federation www.facebook.com/nationalhousingfederation The Housing Matters team • Host: Katie Teasdale • Producer: James Grant
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