2 minutes | Jul 31st 2019

We'll Be Right Back

Hello House of FI Family!  As you know we are on the move this week and beginning a new adventure as renters again. So, we are taking a week off. But, don't go anywhere!  We are excited to come back next week as we celebrate our One Year Anniversary!  Woo Hoo!  In the meantime, we have several great episodes to go back and listen to - or if you have not, to give them a try.  Episode 32 with Curtis and I as we discussed his journey from Reluctant to Spouse to On Fire Fully Committed FIRE-walker.  Episode 39 with Tim and Amy Rutherford who travel the world just about FREE! And finally, get some inspiration on your journey in Episode 41 with Patrick Aime.  He is an immigrant - lost it all - and is now living the FI - life.  This conversation was a lot of fun.  Patrick is the nicest guy you'll ever meet.    HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!  WE WILL SEE YOU BACK HERE NEXT WEDNESDAY! 
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