42 minutes | Sep 11th 2019

Suddenly Single - Parenting and Financial Insecurity

Eleven years ago Dawn Holley found herself single after the unexpected death of her husband.  As anyone can imagine, her world was turned upside down. In this episode, we have a candid discussion with Dawn about the challenges of parenting and picking up the pieces of her life financially unprepared.  With no safety net, Dawn had to make very quick decisions about what items she could sell in her home - just to survive.  She packed up what was left and moved herself and her son into her parents home.  As she and her son attempted to pick up the pieces, Dawn took the first job she could find, but the pay was not much and covered just enough for daycare for her son and for food.  Dawn knew that she needed to increase the income she was earning at the time, of about $20,000.00 to at least six figures.  From there she was very deliberate in deciding what type of career she wanted.  Some of the requirements Dawn decided on were:  1. They had to be within driving distance of her parents so she could continue to live for free.  2. She had to have the ability to earn six figures.  3. The program had to be free - so she would not incur any debt.  Dawn eventually found an accelerated federal program that was one year and was free. (AMAZING RIGHT?)  She then treated every clinic she worked in while she was in the program as a job interview.  Her thought was that she was building relationships that could help her after she graduated.  After several years of hard work and of strategically moving her way up - Dawn reached her goal of six figures.  She is now focusing on creating multiple streams of income as she pursues Financial Independence.  In addition to her income from wages, she is building her rental income portfolio and other business endeavors.   Where Can You Find Dawn:  Stepping Stones to FI  Dawn's Favorite Read:  The One Thing    
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