18 minutes | Jul 19th 2019

BONUS Episode - Our Top Picks for Online Savings Accounts

This week we focus on one of the steps in our 7-Step Money Foundations Course - we are talking about your fully-funded emergency fund. We cover these steps in both our FREE online course as well as our new workbook, Shut Up and Budget.   On today's show, we are just going to hit some of the high points. YOUR SAFETY NET One of the most important steps in laying a proper money foundation is to have safety nets.  YOUR FULLY FUNDED EMERGENCY FUND IS YOUR SAFETY NET.  So what is a fully-funded emergency fund?   A fully-funded emergency fund is, at a minimum, 3-6 months worth of living expenses.  Notice we said EXPENSES.  Not income. It is how much it takes for you to support your 4 walls in one month.  What you need to live on.  3-6 months is just a ballpark and, my recommendation, if you are self-employed or expecting a lay-off or your income in sporadic - is to have 12-24 months saved.  This fund is for TRUE emergencies: Job loss Illness Natural disaster   It is not for your family cruise to Cabo San Lucas or your daughter’s wedding…. WHICH ONLINE BANK ACCOUNTS ARE THE BEST So where do you park this money?   The accounts should be accessible - not too accessible. Lots of banks out there right now are advertising “high-yield” savings accounts.  The interest given is typically over 2.%   Curt and I decided to see if we could find the one with the highest interest rate and the best overall features…. OUR TOP PICKS  Curt’s Pick:  Discover Online Savings Account Rate offered: 2.05% Balance Required: $25,000.00 for $200.00 bonus                             $15,000.00 for $150.00 bonus (Bonus credited in Sept 2019 and you must have the balance in the account when it credits)  No monthly fee For Comparision:  Interest earned on $25,000.00 at one year $517.34 + $200 = $717.34   Wendy’s Pick   Wealth Front Online Banking Interest Rate: 2.57% Int  No fees  $1.00 minimum to open   For Comparison:  Interest earned on $25,000.00 after one year = $650.12 YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE HERE:  BANKRATE NERD WALLET   RESOURCES:  7-Step Money Challenge  Book - Shut-up and Budget  Etsy Store - downloads and printables.  Workbooks, worksheets, budgets, debt and savings trackers….based on our 7-steps and a great companion to the book.  NEXT WEEK - WE HAVE A SPECIAL SHOW!!!    Join our Round table discussion with Chelsea Brennen of Smart Money Mamas and Carla Titus from Wealthworthwithin…..it's awesome conversation about balancing it all as we journey to Financial Independence.
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