66 minutes | Sep 2nd 2014

Season Two Wrap Up

A belated wrap up for Season Two of Netflix’s House of Cards, ready for your perusal.  We discuss a metric ton of feedback, ponder how we want season three to go down, and talk about things we’ve learned from our marathon coverage and how that will inform our coverage of season three. Some links of interest: * The Ypsilanti Water Tower referenced in the podcast. * Gregg Housh’s article for The Guardian regarding his role as technical advisor for season two. If you like our podcasts, please consider rating and reviewing us on iTunes. You can also support us financially by using our Amazon affiliate link to shop online. We get a cut of Amazon’s profits, and it costs you absolutely nothing. You can also check out our Subbable page to find out how you can back our podcasts and get some cool stuff in return.  If you’d like to join in the discussion, you can reach us by email, Facebook, or Twitter. Our theme song is called “Playing the Game” by JJ Reinhold.
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