46 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

Taylor Armstrong on RHOBH Origin Story, Russell Armstrong & Housewives Skeletons

Jess is joined by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG Taylor Armstrong for a deep dive into one of the darkest Housewives storylines to play out on the show.  Taylor describes the initial casting for RHOBH, with thousands of Hollywood types trying out for the “part” (including Lisa Rinna). We dissect the infamous “But Now We Said It” scene and the new context that was brought to light re: Camille Grammar/LVP several seasons back. Taylor describes the narcissism of Russell Armstrong, the day she discovered his suicide, how she rebuilt her life and theorizes why Housewives like Jen Shah and Erika Jayne (and Tom Girardi) would go on TV with severe skeletons in their closet.  Follow @jessxnyc & @hottakesdeepdives * magicspoon.com/hottakes code hottakes *
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