55 minutes | Apr 5th 2021

Real World San Fran’s Mohammed Bilal on Pedro’s Legacy, MTV Contracts & Racial Inclusion

Jess welcomes Mohammed Bilal — the musician, poet and voice of reason on the groundbreaking third season of The Real World: San Francisco. Back in 1994, while Friends and Reality Bites were depicting Gen X as lazy slackers across TV and film, The Real World: San Francisco cast its most racially diverse group of housemates who were trying to change the world (well, except Puck). Mohammed describes the cultural impact of Pedro Zamora, Pam Ling, Judd Winick and Rachel Campos, and chats about his friendship with Real World: New York’s Kevin Powell. Mohammed also discusses Pedro putting a face to HIV, successfully changing his MTV contract, his current work leading workshops on diversity and inclusion and a lot more! * prose.com/hottakes * Follow @jessxnyc & @hottakesdeepdives
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