71 minutes | Apr 12th 2021

NYC Prep - Deep Dive (w/ Ryan Bailey)

Wow, NYC Prep, wow! We are joined by husband to the pod, Ryan Bailey, for Jess’ virgin viewing (and Ryan’s hundredth) of Bravo’s one-season wonder, NYC Prep. Together, we explore the psychological depths of our fave Manhattan wannabe socialites: PC, Sebastian, Jessie, Camille, Kelli & Taylor. We catch up with where are they now, why NYC Prep was canceled and declare this the very best of the one-season wonders! Jess and Ryan also give some hot takes on recent Bravo headlines, PLUS announce our next deep dive will be Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.  * analuisa.com/hottakesmd * code hottakesmd for 15% off Follow @jessxnyc & @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey
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