60 minutes | Apr 19th 2021

Lindsay Hubbard on Sex, Love & Hannah Berner as Summer House’s Villain

Jess welcomes the one true queen of Summer House — Lindsay Hubbard! We go deep on everything, including Summer House’s entry into the canon via Vanderpump Rules, a listening tour of the Hamptons, Lindsay’s family history, and whether she identifies more as a PR publicist guru vs. reality star these days. We also discuss Lindsay’s Sun/Moon/Rising signs, an off-camera crazy dating story, fans (including Jess) ‘shipping’ Lindsay & Carl Radke, the “psychic” who started the Luke/Linds rumor, and ponder if Hannah Berner is the true villain of Summer House. * analuisa.com/hottakesmd * code hottakesmd for 15% off Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives, @lindshubbs
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