67 minutes | Aug 16, 2021

It’s Madonna’s Birthday, B*tch: Astrology of Our Leo Queen (w/ Andy Bellatti)

Jess is joined by Andy Bellatti, astrologer to the Housewives and the pop divas, this time to celebrate Madonna’s birthday — our Leo Queen. Madonna is a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Aquarius Rising and we examine her life & career milestones through the lens of her birth chart: NYC dancer (‘79-‘80), debut album (’82), “Like a Virgin” VMA performance (’84), Sean Penn relationship (’85-'89), Like a Prayer (’89), Vogue - Blond Ambition Tour - Truth or Dare (’90-'91), Erotica - Sex book backlash (’92), Evita - birth of Lourdes (’96), Ray of Light (’98) and Confessions on a Dance Floor (’05).  We also dig into her significant friendships with Rosie O’Donnell and Sandra Bernhard through their synastry and composite charts and see what lies ahead in her chart for 2022-2024.  IG @astrologywithandy, @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives * acorn.tv code hottakes *
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