58 minutes | Dec 2nd 2020

It’s Britney’s Birthday, B*tch! Astrology of Britney’s Life & Career (w/ Andy Bellatti)

In honor of Britney’s 39th birthday today, Andy Bellatti (@astrologywithandy) is here to take you through the milestones in Britney’s life and career, through her astrological birth chart. We start with her Sun (Sagittarius), Moon (Aquarius) and Rising (Libra) signs and go through the various transits that were happening during the major moments throughout her life, including: Rise to Superstardom (1998-2001), breakup with Justin Timberlake (2002), 55 hour + Kevin Federline marriages (2004), head-shaving/umbrella incident + Blackout album (2007) and the Vegas residency (2013). Andy also takes a look at the year ahead for Britney, and why he sees her next big artistic moment happening in 2025.

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