61 minutes | May 3rd 2021

Isaac Mizrahi on NYC Real Estate, Madonna, Sandra Bernhard, Housewives Hot Takes & more!

Jess is joined by fashion designer, performer and quintessential New Yorker — Isaac Mizrahi! Jess and Isaac break the sh*t down, including: Isaac’s wild nights with Madonna and Sandra Bernhard, his talk show which featured Rosie O’Donnell getting that infamous haircut, how fashion shows and red carpets have changed, how he secured his West Village combination apartment without going broke, ‘90s dial-a-date phone sex lines, Housewives fashion, Drag Race + a hot take on Bethenny’s evolving face. * analuisa.com/hottakesmd * code hottakesmd for 15% off Follow @jessxnyc, @hottakesdeepdives & @imisaacmizrahi
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